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Storage solutions you can trust

At Pall-Ex Logistics, we understand that every business is unique. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to tailor storage solutions that align with your specific requirements. Your success is our priority.

Ready to elevate your business storage?


Contact Pall-Ex Logistics today to explore how our storage solutions can propel your business towards greater efficiency, security, and success.

Top-Tier Security Protocols

With Pall-Ex Logistics you benefit from 24/7 surveillance, real-time monitoring and specialist access controls ensuring the highest levels of security for your assets.

Climate-Controlled Precision

Our climate-controlled warehouses maintain optimal conditions thus protecting sensitive inventory from temperature fluctuations and humidity.

Effortless Logistics and Fulfillment

At our strategically located warehouses, your items are always stored within reach, allowing for ease of access, and enhanced operational speed.

Flexible Storage Solutions

 Pall-Ex Logistics offers flexible storage options, allowing you to scale your space up or down as required.

Optimised Warehouse Space

Pall-Ex Logistics provides businesses with customisable and scalable warehouse spaces to accommodate your growing inventory or archiving needs.

Strategic location advantages

Technology-Driven Solutions

Embrace the future of storage! Pall-Ex Logistics leverages cutting-edge technology, including inventory management systems and data analytics, empowering you with real-time insights into your stored assets.


Stay ahead of the competition with smart storage solutions.

With facilities in five key locations across the South of England, our network of warehouses ensures you can store your goods in close proximity to where they are needed most, enhancing distribution efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

Chilled Storage

Frozen Storage

Bonded Storage

External Storage

Ambient Storage


"Pall-Ex doesn’t just offer quality logistics solutions, they offer a partnership. Our account manager is always on hand and our bespoke KPI’s help us to present our delivery stats to the rest of the board."

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